Our Healthcare

  • Co-sponsor Medicare for All, which guarantees healthcare for all Americans.

  • Ensure that parents receive combined 20 weeks of parental leave.

  • Eliminate private insurance balance billing, which results in excessive charges to the patient.

  •  Legalize the importation of prescription drugs from other countries.

  • Lower prescription drug prices with companies through negotiation with federal government.

American Education

  • Create more apprenticeship & post-secondary training programs at community colleges for high school students and increase opportunities for all students to do college level coursework in high school.

  • Expand multilingual education

  • Support mental health education 

  • Reduce the tie of federal dollars to amount of standardized testing in public schools as well as expand agricultural education in public schools and colleges. 

  • Increase software development classes in public schools.

  • Introduce mandatory Pre-K

  • Bring back home economics courses & cooking classes 

  • Establish jobs and skills training programs for at-risk youth and eliminate Common Core standards.

  • Increase funding for high-school and college volunteer programs in international service. 

Social Security

  • Remove the cap on the payroll tax, which is currently set at $118,500 (Scrap the Cap)!

Tax Reform

  • Increase marginal income tax rates for higher-earning individuals, capped at 70% for individuals earning over $10 million.

  • Capital gains over $250,000 should be taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

  • Restoring the SALT Deduction for New Jerseyans

  • Wealth tax of 45% on individuals worth over $5 million, with subsequent annual wealth tax rate of 3%.

  • Implement a flat income tax of 35% for multinational corporations and 

  • Automatic government-filled tax returns (government fills out tax return for individuals & mails individual for approval).

Money & Politics 

  • Ban Wall Street and corporate executives from serving in presidential cabinets

  • Introduce a  28th amendment to the U.S constitution, banning corporate donations and making campaigns publicly financed.

  • Refuse corporate PAC monies and will tax corporate donations at 90% for donations over $1,000.

  • Abolish all Super PACs

  • Require that all federal election candidates disclose their tax returns prior to being placed on the ballot

Jobs & the Economy 

  • End federal contracts to companies engaging in outsourcing

  • Impose an "exit tax" on companies who outsource and offshore jobs.

  • Federal jobs guarantee

  • Require 51% of publicly traded companies’ board members be of working-class or middle-class employment.

  • Replace and rebuild deficient bridges and roads, including new Hudson River tunnels for metro New York commuters.

Abortion Rights

  • Increase funding to Planned Parenthood to levels prior to the Trump administration.

  • Introduce legislation to keep a woman's right to choose legal

Gender Inequality

  • Ensure that equal pay will be a requirement to all businesses and fine companies that do not adhere to equal pay for equal work

  • Require companies to report wage statistics to the federal government, broken down by race, gender, and ethnicity.

  • Add LBGTQ classification in the federally protected classes

  • Require disclosure of wages with job posting while abolishing required fields of prior wage history


  • Support the Green New Deal's environmental policies

  • Re-enter Paris Agreements

  • Build more charging stations for electric vehicles

  • Eliminate fracking, offshore drilling, & new pipeline

  • Modernize our waste management

  • Reinstate the superfund tax structure

  • Implement a carbon tax

  • Significantly increase investments in renewable energies

The Second Amendment 

  • Require background checks for any transfer of gun ownership, whether it is a private or corporate vendor

  • Pass a new Assault Weapons ban

  • Eliminate the Charleston gun show loophole

  • Ensure People on the Terrorist Watch List will be barred from being able to buy firearms

  • Introduce a gun buyback program, which would be accompanied with disposal of the firearms

Congressional Obligation

  • Enact term limits on individuals elected to federal office

  • Require quarterly town halls within Congressional districts

  • Eliminate Congressional pay during periods of government shutdown

Internet Security

  • Pass a law that overturns the FCC's decision to rescind net neutrality

Banking Systems

  • Re-introduce the Glass-Steagall Act, which prevents investment banks from accessing commercial bank deposits.

  • Introduce postal banking, where the United States Postal Service will provide savings accounts, checking accounts and provide check cashing services.

  • Increase the discount rate for banks to match the interest rates set by the Federal Government and cap credit card interest rates to 15%.

  • Hold financial institutions and their executives accountable when they commit fraud.

  • Eliminate payday lending 

  • Mandate financial institutions pay the property taxes on foreclosed homes instead of cities & towns. 

  • Expand Home Refinance Affordable Program to other financial institutions that hold underwater mortgage assets.

Post-Secondary Education

  • Increase Pell Grants to cover the cost of tuition at all public colleges and universities

  • Implement an interest-free loan of $500 the 1st semester of college in order to create a credit history for the student as well as teach fiscal responsibility.

  • Remove the current standard of “undue hardship” & “disability” in order to discharge student loan debt 

  • Cancel all outstanding student loan debt

  • Eliminate interest rates on all student loans

Income Inequality

  • Implement a flat tax of 35% for big businesses and eliminate their tax loopholes.

  • Increase minimum wage to $15 an hour and indexed to inflation, with tax credits for companies with less than 50 employees.

  • Institute a pay ratio gap cap for the highest paid employee at 100 times the salary of lowest paid employee.

Criminal Justice

  • Eliminate programs in a system that relies on fees & fines to generate revenue, as well as eliminate for-profit prisons and “lock-up quotas”.

  • Increase funding for education and job training programs to help people released from prison.

  • Opioids and narcotic addiction should be treated as an addiction and not only as a criminal activity 

  • Legalize the sale and possession of marijuana 

  • Mandate body cameras on all police officers.

  • End school-to-prison pipelines. 

  • End cash bail

  • Require and display municipalities’ arrest and citation records, broken down by ethnicity and gender.

Transit & Transportation 

  • Introduce legislation for high-speed rail

  • Promote the Gateway Tunnel & ARC Tunnel for metro

  • New York commuters.

  • Increase funding for Department of Transportation for bridge, road and tunnel repairs

Foreign Policy 

  • Re-enter into the Iran nuclear agreement

  • Overturn the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution (AUMF), which gives the President discretion of waging war with other countries without Congressional approval

  • Ensure that all overseas military combat require approval from both chambers of Congress

Internet Privacy

  • Support protecting net neutrality and safe-guarding the data of our citizens and reinstate net neutrality.

Voting Rights

  • Require automatic voter registration for all citizens 18 years of age or older & ban voter ID laws.  ​

  • Create voter ID cards that provide quicker identity confirmation at the polls.

  • Ensure that every voter receives a mail-in ballot.

  • Push for an increase in Interpretation services & multilingual ballots to eliminate language barriers.

  • Make Election Day a federal holiday

Immigration Rights

  • Ban the separation of families during detainment

  • Stopping the deportation of undocumented veterans as well as gold star families.

  • Reinstate and expand DREAM Act & Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and shorten the long delays on determinations of applications for legal status.

  • Immediately review applications for asylum

  • Eliminate inhuman practices of detention facilities .

Agriculture & Farming 

  • Provide tax incentives for small independent farms that practice humane treatment of animals

  • Eliminate tax breaks & subsidies for corporations that practice cruel factory farming techniques and exploit workers.

  • Ban the use of unnatural hormones in livestock.

  • Improve our nutrition assistance programs (SNAP, WIC, Free and Reduced Lunches and Breakfasts at schools, etc).

  • Require labeling of genetically-modified food

Veterans and Military

  • ​​Expand housing programs, substance abuse and trauma treatment as well as expand jobs programs for veterans

  • Increase wages for our soldiers

  • Create a better VA Hospital system for better quality and faster treatments.

  • Expand financial and food assistance to veterans

  • Eliminate the widows' tax.

  • Expand funding for suicide prevention and mental health

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