My Mission

For too long, the power over our future and the future of the country itself has laid with those who have no desire to change anything. It has laid with people who, if they were to change anything for the better in this country, might sacrifice personal wealth. For too long, we have been living by their rules – and those rules have been built to keep us from receiving what they have already received for themselves. But the time has come, in which we are going change that. The time has come for us to stand up and say: “We will no longer accept the status quo". 


The time has come for us to stop believing that someone will start acting in our favor instead of their own and starts building a better future for us. We need to understand that this future can only be built by our own hands, the hands of the people who will actively participate in it. The people who believe that they can realize the American Dream if they work hard enough. The people who are willing to fight for their future. We have the inspiration, the will, the energy, and the dedication to take our future into our own hands. All we need is the power to do so. And the time has come to transfer that power from those who use it only for themselves to those who are willing to face the challenges right on. 


It is the time to stand up.

It is the time for change.

It is the time in which we get together to create the future we deserve.

And it all starts with your Choice.


The time has come.